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There are some people out there I'd love to commission, if I had the points, haha. It'd be lovely if one of you guys could help me out!

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Hong Kong
I'm here to draw characters and make up stories.

Requests - Closed by SkittleStar-34

Collabs - Open by SkittleStar-34

Art Trades - Open by SkittleStar-34

I do NOT take commissions, but I love art trades. If you think my art is worth paying for, then I'd prefer you did so by returning the art-favour.

To do list because putting it here forces me to have ACCOUNTABILITY:

1) Afterschool Charisma fan art (Yes, I'm drawing fan art. Wow. Fancy that.)
2) Valentine's Day secret admirer trade piece (
3) Birthday piece for a friend (WITH A BACKGROUND. Because I need to draw more of those.)
4) (probably) River solo piece because I don't think I've ever drawn him away from the girls ahaha (OCs fyi)

Fun fact #1: I'm not an art-perfectionist. Mistakes help me learn, and I make plenty of them. Feel free to point them out. Constructively, please.

Fun fact #2: As a general rule, I put my age online as the oldest year they allow. Which makes it awkward when I now want to say I'm 17, not 114. Welp.

Also thanks for the neat buttons:
Tagged by :iconlyricalupin:

1. For the first 10 people who comment on this journal, I will feature one of their characters I like the most and comment my choice. (I will go to your gallery and pick one character and one picture I like, you don't need to tell me which one)

(it said seven but I wanna do ten fifteen because reasons)

2. If you comment, please do the same in your journal, and put me in the first feature slot. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! I will feature you after you made the journal.

//NOTE// Seeing as I've spent quite a while going around looking for people to feature/be featured by with little luck: I'll still be doing features until this thing is filled up, no matter how much time has passed or whether or not it's my most recent journal. Yep. Just putting that out there, so comment if you want...I don't care if I know you or not - I'll still do my best!

1.:iconlyricalupin:'s OC Victoria: Fictional Witch in a Fictional World by LyricaLupin

I was gonna snoop your gallery more, but then I read that Victoria is fourth-wall savvy and boom new favourite OC. Dude. Sassy genre-savvy magical girl. What more do I want from life. Not only is this character adorable, but she's afraid of microwaves and has hair that magically de-knots itself in the morning. That's beautiful. Plus, she can be absolutely badass while fighting in a skirt: Strike a Match.... Victoria looks terrific, fights terrific, and I want to see more of her in the future!

2. :iconmudkipbubble:'s OC Rync: Rync by mudkipbubble

Once upon a million years ago when I thought I was good at writing stories, mkb suggested I practice by writing about her brand-new OC, Rync. The story itself might be laid to rest in my drafts, but dayum has it stuck in my memory due to the pure awesomeness that is this character.

Rync lives in a world where super powers are common and superheroes are big business. You can hire a guy in a cape for any task imaginable. Rync, however, disagrees with the system because it's exploitative of those without powers. Put that belief together with the ability to take away other's powers, and you get one helluva secret identity with a tough, anonymous boss to please, some explosive battles, and one big secret to keep from her professional superhero/technopath best friend, Alexei. Even though mkb has only drawn her once, I really like her style, her personality, and especially her story. So wa-la. pls draw her again she's so cool I s2g

3. :iconle-redhead-merchant:'s OC Althea: Ask Box Open: Althea [EDIT: added bio and story] by le-redhead-merchant

Althea has it all. A cute design, an awesome-sounding story (hello, daydreams coming to life. I'm a sucker for that kind of reality-warping fantasy), cool friends and family (New OC: Layla and Surprise!), and so, so many amazing AUs. Her Frozen AU is probably my favourite (because of that sweet fox tail tbh): Althea Frozen AU, but there's so many more! Four Fire Emblem AUs, another Frozen AU, a Camp Half-Blood AU, a Christmas elf AU, Thanksgiving AU...I think that last one is an AU. It might just be a cool picture. Woops. Point is, Althea is a pretty neat character who is well designed and well developed no matter what universe she lives in. She's a regular Jenny Everywhere, this one - and I like it a lot! go ask her questions I say

4. :iconbrandan97:'s OC Clarissa: Interaction... by brandan97

The first thing that struck me was how she's one of those amazing characters with one foot either side of the fourth wall. I love how she can speak for her creator: Clarissa Explains it All c'mon you lot I've already featured two characters because they're meta how can I not love this one? She has a cute, simplistic, but distinctive design - and I'll just spare a moment to appreciate the fact that she has glasses. I see so few characters with them, tbh. I have glasses, but only one of my characters do woops. Clarissa also deserves a mention for an adorable girlfriend: In An Alternate Mindset... and her spooky AUs: Clarissa The Witch and Killer Clarissa. Go check her out!

5. :iconsoda-snuggles:'s OC Amalia: OCP Amalia by Soda-Snuggles

"Often forgets she is dead and wonders why people stare at her tail" - this line is probably the main reason I chose to feature Amalia. First of all was her colourful design. Then I read that she has one of those oh-so-fun two-face personalities I have a character like that too, and it's beautiful. It's hilarious to indulge them on other poor OCs, haha. But ultimately, who can resist the pull of a girl/devil who forgets she's dead?? I love how opposed the two sides to her are - she likes girly things and making people uncomfortable, and isn't afraid to show off either trait to its fullest. I admire that, tbh. 

6. :iconcresentcake:'s OC Igerous: Igerous by CresentCake

Because he's friggin adorable, damnit. He has such a sweet design that somehow the fact that he's kind of crazy enhances the cuteness. Y'know. He's like Hannibal. Completely nuts, but still worth cooing over. I love the idea of the crank in his head turning his eye, and I love how much of his personality doesn't even have to be explained - you can see it for yourself: eat a chick this holiday season. He has equally adorable jumper-shopping buddies: Sketch Dump and Requestsss...Plus, you can't help but laugh at his cooking show sweet meme in general though. I had a hard time choosing between all your OCs, but this one stood out for me!

7. :iconshunuko:'s OC Railin: Railin Ref by shunuko

I'm just gonna have to start reading your comic now, because all these characters are so bubbly and fun to look at. As a general thing, I love the imaginative presentation of the scythes - look at Railins! It's so cool - the combination of the train sign and the weapon....idk man it's just so imaginative. But aside from that, Railin looks awesome in general. His backstory is well thought out it made me feel kind of bad for him tbh, and his design is gorgeous. I adore his coat, and his glowy hair is interesting too. Please excuse me while I link to every picture of this adorable nerd I could find because look at himDown the RoadRailinRailin Palette ChallengeDead Serious Lineup I love your drawing style too ahaha..and I'm sorry if a lot of people have featured this character already, but I did really love browsing your art of him!

8. :iconkittys-yay:'s OC Kristeen: Kristeen by Kittys-yay

I don't know anything about the group this character belongs to, but she's so well thought out and interesting that I had to feature her anyway. Her backstory is quite tragic, but I really appreciate how it's not just tragic for tragic's sake - her personality and her backstory are well interwoven, and you can completely understand why there are two so radically different sides to her. That's what helps balance out her personality - keep her from being a proper nice person or a sadistic one - and would make her interesting to interact with. Her decision to kill her sister seems to be a huge turning point in her character, and it'd be neat to see how she handled that. I also like how her mutations come with both positive and negative aspects from what I've heard about Maximum Ride...those kids are pretty much superheroes. Kristeen isn't. I particularly like the part about her being cold blooded - I found it quite an imaginative trait!

9. :iconscylla225:'s OC Rylie: Rylie- Testing an Outfit by Scylla225

The first thing that grabbed me about Rylie was her eyes. They still grab me. They're intense, a little scary, and completely appropriate for a character I later discovered is a seraphim angel in human form. Rylie's design is excellent - she's definitely human, but it's the little details that give her an edge. Her eyes, her massive height, her Her description in this profile here: Core Abyssia- Rylie reference sheet is incredibly evocative I'm sorry I'm just a sucker for reality warping/cosmic horror type characters, as is this awesome suggestion of her angelic/spirit form: Core Abyssia- Seraphim Ramaya. I'd be very curious to hear more about this "representing the innocent ideals" of a whole country aspect (Abyssia- Rylie), and to know more about her personality as a human. She might not act like a prophet very often, but that potential really stuck in my mind as I snooped your OC folder!
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How I Draw by ResidentBrain
How I Draw
Featuring this piece: Rick and Melanie

Ironically, being so angry at all these anatomy and perspective problems made me sketch more than I normally would, save more than I normally would, and eventually come up with enough material to do one of these progress charts again without even meaning to.

For the record, this is not a tutorial. I wouldn't advise you to follow what I do. Tracing references is a terrible, terrible habit, and I am fighting to break it right now. I am also a lazy shader - this is only two layers on shade mode, which is about two layers less than I would normally do. I also failed to define most of the clothing folds. 

Point being, do your own thing. I make these progress charts for my own reference, and just for fun.

The last time I made one was for this piece: Secret Santa for khallandra - Dave and Sissy, although I can't find it in my gallery right now. 

I laugh at how almost every time I draw two of someone else's OCs together, it's sitting on a couch of some kind. That's a poor habit of mine, I suppose.

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