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Creative one-shot short stories featuring your original character!
2000 (+/- 10%) word short stories featuring one or two OCs in a (preferably dramatic) situation of your choosing. 

I love character development and writing about turning points, but I should warn you that I'm not that great at physical fight scenes, and I've never really tried writing romance. Nothing sexual, please. Check out the pieces above and/or my gallery for examples of what I'm good at (the piece on far left won a DD and has been published in the real world!), but if you have a specific request (e.g. a poem) I'd love to work that out with you too.

I will do fan characters if I know the show/movie/anime/manga/book/webcomic/etc. (sorry, I'm not a gamer) they're from well enough - just ask. 

Before I start to write I'd like to spend some time getting to know your character(s), so character profiles or past works or even just your random headcanons/drabbles would be great. I'll probably come up with a couple of story proposals, and you can pick out of those. Time frame for delivery will vary depending on when you ask me.

Seriously though, if I'm going to write a story I want it to be a good one, and a good short story to me means a strong personality struggling with something. Therefore, I'm willing to spend time with you discussing information that would help me write. Depicting your character well is as important to me as I'm sure it is to you.

If you're interested, curious, think I ramble on too much - I'd love to hear from you!

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Random Favourites

...gawd, why do my most lame favorites always end up appearing here?!

But seriously, I don't favorite in any particular direction - be it spectacular canvases of artwork (both digital or physical), cute little pixel animations, imaginative literature or anything else dA offers, if it speaks to me, you'll find it in my favorites.




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Hong Kong
What do 5 different Primary school by age 8, 3 countries, a 250 page/hour reading speed, and far too many doodles in my textbooks have in common? Duh - Me!
Originally Australian, Dad’s job as a pilot has helped me grow up in a multicultural environment where I’ve learned to be myself; confident and a little crazy. I consider myself a hobby artist, with great interest in cartooning, watercolor painting, words, and sometimes photography. My future ambition is to be an author/illustrator. I’ve been told it’s tough to make a living off that, but then, we’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?
I almost forgot I had a dA for a while there...oops.

I got a tumblr, which I will not link to here because it sucks, and then I spent the next month running an activism campaign aiming at increasing awareness of the situation in the DPRK. There was this one photoset full of inaccurate information that went viral and then people were comparing the DPRK to 1984, which is about the most unhelpful comparison you could possibly make, and then people had the gall to ask why nobody was "doing anything" about the DPRK when quite clearly they hadn't bothered to type four letters into google and find out about the Six Party Talks and then I made a powerpoint that people kept LIKING and not REBLOGGING so other people could see it instead of me linking it everywhere and screaming and UGH.

Okay so maybe I should stop ranting about how posts on Dean Winchester in basketball shorts can get like 9 million notes, but people don't care enough to click a tag and read something informative because I know I'm not the only one on the internet who thinks ignorance is unacceptable, but Y'KNOW. 

Aaaanyway. Technically I should still be working on that Star Wars poster I was asked to do for my cousin's birthday (really belated birthday...ha...haha...hahah), but then I got roped into drawing a 14 page colouring in book for a seven year old....full of Jack/Elsa fan art. Jesus Christ I hate that ship, but now look at me. I'm inking pictures of them smooching. What's worse, said little girl has this whole anti-feminist thing going on that she learned from her super-traditional mum where girls can't save boys/it's not romantic for girls to save boys/boys saving girls is way better/even if I just recycle the exact same poses and put Jack in front of Elsa instead of Elsa in front of Jack/wow now THAT'S worth pinning on her bed/but not the other one/which imho is drawn better anyway/are you kidding me.

The last time we hung out I spent three hours drawing non stop to keep her entertained with doodles to colour, and at the same time doling out all these not-so-subtle hints that someone needs to show this girl Brave where there isn't even a dude for her to misinterpret (she didn't believe me when I said that Belle saved the Beast or that Ariel saved Eric, or that Anna saved Elsa AND herself WITHOUT a guy, or basically every Barbie movie ever where the girl don't need a man to do shit). Rawr.

I spent the last week on art camp, which sucked balls tbh. Sure, let's go do tonal sketches. That sounds grea- wait, you want us to make collographs now? Based on SHAPE? Um, oka- woah what?? Sculpture??? ABSTRACT sculpture?? Riiiight I totally see the creative development from tone to 3D shapes that you didn't even want us to draw. That totally deserves to go into final art portfolios that are designed to demonstrate your logical development of ideas in sequence.  Uhuh. For sure.

Mind you, it doesn't help that the teacher lady was kind of a sarcastic, patronising grump far beyond the British-art-teacher-ness of my painting teacher and into genuinely why-are-you-a-teacher territory. Do you not talk to me because you think I'm managing fine, or because you don't think I'm worth the effort? Because that's kind of how it feels.

Yes okay I sound very judgemental, but I spent the last five days trying to keep caring about projects that everyone else had given up on, plus my parents have no idea about art so I can't rant to them, so meh.

I keep procrastinating on my english extension writing. I don't think I've said anything about that on here, but yeah I'm taking a subject this year dedicated to the creation of a single 6-8K writing piece that I have basically complete freedom to design and create. There's a viva voche assignment in four days that I need to give samples for...I HAVE samples, but they're not very good.

Art wise, I'm still working towards consistency. I think I'm getting there with the line art/sketchy style, but hell if I know what I'm doing with colouring. I've tried cell shading, painting, a mixture of the two...idek. Nothing really seems to stick. Painting is nice, but time consuming and I struggle with light source, cell shading makes the light source easier, but I get lazy with it and can be messy, and in between I just don't know what I'm doing. Hair continues to slay me, as does perspective. On the bright side, I'm getting better at hands.

Tomorrow is my birthday party, wherein I have invited...what, seven friends to spent nine hour watching seasons one and two of Sherlock. I'm pretending season three doesn't exist because it's too much of a let down for me to allow that into the canon. 

No one reads Afterschool Charisma, so I write meta for a nonexistent fandom and cry.

It rained today for the first time in months.

I need a haircut.

I passed all of my semester one exams.

When I have time I should make character profiles because I realised it's probably kind of hard to see their personalities unless I do that.

I saw divergent yesterday and god did it make no sense.

I finished a book yesterday for the first time in ages too so that made me happy.


My life is dull except for complaining about things. 
  • Mood: Lazy
  • Listening to: Imagine Dragons.
  • Reading: Reply All by Robin Hemley
  • Watching: I gave up at S7 of supernatural because it sucked
  • Eating: idk let's go find lunch

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